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Resident Permit Application
Visa Expense, Validity and Duration of Stay about F and Z Visa
Chinese Visa and the Procedure for Visa Application
Apply for the Foreign Experts Certificates
TEFL\TESOL Certificate
A Brief Introduction to Chinese Visa and the Procedure for Visa Application
A Brief Introduction to the Tourist Visa
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Part of our Teachers in our Cooperated Schools
Hasta la vista, Our Friendship will last forever
Majority teachers don't deserve calibre criticism
Foreign teachers welcomed in China's elementary schools
China Education Expo - BEIJING 2010
The Job Fair for Foreigners in Beijing 2010
First Training Course Opens for Foreign Teachers
Administration of Foreign Expert Certificate Issued by State Administration of Foreign
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Travel in Xi'an, shann'xi
Several Tips to Book Your Flights from Mainland China
Travel in Xi'an, shann'xi
Travel in Beidaihe, Hebei
As Happy as a Fish in Beihai Park
About China
Chinese Drinking Etiquette
  TOP Schools
Zhejiang Yuyao Gaofeng middle school
Hengshui High School of Hebei
Zhangjiakou Educational College
Shaoxing New Orient Education School
Latest Offers School Type Province
Maanshan Bilingual School Public Anhui
Gaofeng Middle HigH School of Yuyao,Ningbo Public Zhejiang
Qingzhen No1 High School Public Guizhou
Minkai High School of Weichi Public Henan
Donghua High School of Dongguan Public Guangdong
Hengshui High School of Hebei Private Hebei
Fujian Quangzhou Foreign Language Middle School Private Fujian
Zhaoping Middle School of Guangxi Private Guangxi
Hualin Academy of Fengxin Public Jiangxi
Guangzhou No 75 High School Private Guangdong
Luocun No1 Middle School of Foshan Public Guangdong
Zhangzhou Bilingual Experimental School of Fujian Public Fujian
Xiqiao High School of Foshan Private Guangdong
Huairen Middle School Public Jiangsu
  Recommended Schools
Zhangzhou Bilingual Experimental School of Fujian
Fujian Quanzhou Foreign Language Middle School
Jiaying University
Chinese Study Stories and Activities Message Board
Some Useful Short Sentences
Etiquette and Customs : Greetings
Chinese Culture-Origins of Dragon Boat Festival
The concept of "family" in China
My First Year in China
My Story in China
My Travel Story in China
China Love Story-Fei and Nik

BOAO Tongwen replied to me quickly and I signed a decent contract in under a month. They didn't try to change any info or push unwanted offers on me. Even when I was at the school, they kept open communications with me, helping me to get used to my new life. Thanks millions of times to BTICE. –Elizabeth,Henry  [ show ]

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